Jeanne has a unique and create approach to the client - she is able to ask the hard questions and identify the real issues and, therefore, tailor the approach to the client's needs, temperment and goals. Her ability to look beyond the initial question and establish goals and benchmarks for the whole team is essential to success.
–Erica Leathem, CREW


Jeanne Ellinport successfully did the impossible for Manna Food Center with remarkable effectiveness; unflagging grace and good humor; and outstanding efficiency. Given only one month’s lead time, Jeanne Ellinport was tasked with recruiting and training thirty volunteer groups willing to staff thirty Giant Food Stores to collect food for Manna Food Center, all while developing and implementing an intensive public relations campaign. The event was an extraordinary success garnering significant public awareness of the problem of hunger in Montgomery County, developing new stakeholders for Manna, and collecting thousands of pounds of food to feed our hungry neighbors. I’m convinced that this endeavor was successful because of Jeanne’s dedication and leadership.
– Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director, Manna Food Center